Wonderful golf course designed by Alfonso Vidaor in 2001.

Golf Nuevo Portil is a 46 hectares and 6,040 meters length course, which offers an 18 holes course with wide fairways and soft greens. The orography of the field allows the player to play comfortably on foot.

Its design contemplates a course of good technical level, allowing the celebration of all type of competitions, although to the reach of any player.

Par 71 whose variety of holes and game situations make any player only care to enjoy.


  • Bunkers: 65
  • Water Obstacles: artifical lake located in hole 11, and stream in holes 1, 2, 16 and 17.


  • Greens: Agrostis Mariner / Putter
  • Fairways: Bermuda 419
  • Tees: mix of Ray Grass and Festuca

HOLE 1 PAR 5 – HCP 2

537m 514m 487m 467m

Long hole. Tee shot, stay on right side. You can’t reach the green in 2. Place the ball before arriving to the stream bed to reach the green with a short iron on the 3rd shot.

HOLE 2 PAR 3 – HCP 12

167m 154m 139m 132m

Stay on the left side of the green on the tee shot. The green is very moved.

HOLE 3 PAR 4 – HCP 18

322m 300m 278m 265m

Short hole. Green very protected by bunkers and a big pine tree.

HOLE 4 PAR 4 – HCP 16

325m 316m 286m 274m

Dog leg to the right. Stay on the left side of bunker on the tee shot, drive not necessary, you can reach the green in 2.


374m 353m 330m 323m

Stay on the right centre for the tee shot. For high handicaps, stay on the right side for the 2sd shot to make easy the entrance to green.

HOLE 6 PAR 4 – HCP 10

334m 321m 291m 284m

Place the tee shot, drive not necessary. The 2nd shot, stay on the left, right side very protected.

HOLE 7 PAR 3 – HCP 14

182m 169m 142m 122m

No miss on the right hand side. It seems more long than it is. Green with 2 platforms.

HOLE 8 PAR 4  – HCP 6

355m 336m 312m 304m

Stay on the left side for the tee shot. 2nd shot on the right side. There is a bunker on the left of the green that you can’t see.

HOLE 9 PAR 4 – HCP 8

346m 322m 301m 292m

Stay on the left centre of the tee shot. On the left side there is a dense rough. 2nd shot stay on the left of the green to avoid the right bunker.

HOLE 10 PAR 4 – HCP 11

324m 313m 283m 274m

Stay on the left centre of the tee shot. Shot to green with one club more staying on the right hand side.

HOLE 11 PAR 5 – HCP 3

450m 448m 412m 403m

Stay on the left centre the tee shot. High handicap short 2nd shot to place the ball between the water and the pine trees. Low handicap, try to reach the green in the 2nd. Good recovery hole.

HOLE 12 PAR 4 – HCP 9

300m 291m 276m 268m

Stay on the left for the shot.On the right side, there is an out of bounds very dangerous. 2nd shot, be careful with the green entrance bunker, it is not an easy bunker.

HOLE 13 PAR 3 – HCP 17

136m 129m 116m 98m

Short hole with some pine trees and a bunker on the right side that make the difficult the pin position on the  right of the green. Elevated handicap,  better to play on the left.

HOLE 14 PAR 4 – HCP 13

297m 287m 272m 266m

Place the tee shot. (you don’t need drive) dog leg to the left. Stay on the right center, 2nd shot, short iron to green. Stay on the center of the green since on both sides there are problems.

HOLE 15 PAR 5 – HCP 1

522m 490m 454m 448m

Hcp 1 of the course. Very long, only the big hitters have to try to short the corner on the 1st shot. 2nd shot is blind, you can not reach the green. Follow the route of the fairway since the hole finishes totally straight.

HOLE 16 PAR 4 – HCP 7

339m 299m 261m 240m

Short but difficult hole for the no big hitters. Dog leg to the right. Tee shot stay on the left. Second shot over the trees of the right side. On the left of the green there is a bunker that protects the green entrance.

HOLE 17 PAR 3 – HCP 15

142m 131m 122m 114m

Invite to play less club that you need, well choose is depending on the wind since the tee is protected by trees but the green is very removed.

HOLE 18 PAR 4 – HCP 5

389m 355m 337m 330m

Long hole up hill. Big hitters can try to hit over the 2 bunkers on the right, if you cannot stay on the left. Elevated handicap, play as a par 5. The shot to green has to bee good since on both sides of the green there is a bunker.